A new love story begins in London – Mind the Shoes

I fell in love three years ago.


Has it ever happened to you that you feel so fascinated about someone you want to learn everything about him or her? Although years pass by and you get to know each other better, you can’t help but feeling curious about his story. You feel curious about every tiny little detail of what’s behind the look in his eye. You want it all, word for word.


And guess what? The more you know about him, her or it the more interesting and fun your little game becomes and there you find yourself feeling like a kid running free on the playground.


Keeping me awake at night, and keeping me company during the daylight, my passion for fashion and London lifestyle –unexpectedly– became an important part of my life. I wanted (and still want) to learn more about it.


After some ups and downs, and some more ups and a few more downs, I finally managed to create a space where I can share everything I learn as well as every single bit about my new life in London with you.


I wanted to thank my closest friends who spent several hours working with me in order to create amazing content for this website, for your indispensable help and your endless support.


A while ago someone told me “love keeps the world moving”. We all need passion in life. Call it a lover or a hobby that keeps you awake at night and that makes your eyes sparkle. I can’t imagine a life without passion and now I can’t imagine a life without minding the shoes.


Thanks for reading me and have a lovely Wednesday!


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