A day at the port

Hi everyone!


Today I would like to share with you a –not so– secret spot in my hometown, Castellón, by the east coast of Spain. The place I would like to take you to today is my hometown’s port.


As with every special occasion, I picked a special dress for the day: a blue one that perfectly matches with the colours of the sea.














I have to confess –in case you did not notice– I especially like this Zara summer dresses. And I do so because it is plain, comfortable, and simple yet elegant. I must say I declare myself absolutely in love with the flounce that starts from the waist. It, somehow, gives the dress its own touch of personality. The flounce makes it funny and special, at the same time it suits my body type.


Whenever I walk by the wooden walk, I feel I am within a painting and I am part of it. Watching the boats coming and leaving gives the place a special feeling of peace and calm.






By this walk you can still find a bit of an Arabic hint in the buildings nearby, as this culture has been a big influence in Spain.



Edificio Moruno (the Moor Building), XX Century. Currently an Arts and Culture exhibition space.


Castellon’s port has been a very strong foundation for our local economy as it helped export ceramics, which is the main local product for years now.




If you ever have the chance to visit this place, make sure you stop by any of the restaurants in the port to try out our most traditional rice and seafood local dishes: fideua, arroz a banda, arroz caldoso or even seafood paella. You can also enjoy the views from the Sea Tower’s viewpoint and even take a small boat to visit the Columbretes Islands on a day trip.


So, fancy coming?



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