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Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week so far!

As some of you already know, I have been preparing content for Mind the Shoes’ YouTube channel, which is very soon to be inaugurated! (And I am so so SO excited about it! I can’t wait to share the link with you.)





However, it is taking much more time than I expected. As I kept myself busy learning about these new technologies, picking the right spot to be used as a background,  and understanding how the microphone and the ring lighting fitted in this whole brand new situation I really did not manage to find the time to create a highly prepared blog post for this week.

So today I wanted to share some thoughts with you and make it more personal instead.

As I was working on YouTube, I could not help thinking of my friends. The ones I left behind me in Spain and the new ones I made in London. I could not help thinking of all the hard times I gave them with my blog. I remember myself three years ago repeating over and over again someday I would be a blogger and someday I would have a YouTube channel, and then I would share with them all the small and tiny little ideas that I had and still have (tons!).

I still feel touched by the ones who have been supporting my –nonsense and silly- ideas and decided they wanted to be part of the fun.  And then, suddenly, I realised I have been talking a lot about all of this magic places but I didn’t mention the magic people that were with me in all of those spots.

So I would like to share this memory of Sommerset House from one of the latest visits of Eric to London, one of the magic people I came across the way and also one of my closest friends.




I have to confess Sommerset House is  one of my favourite buildings in London. Not only because of its stunning architecture, but also because it is a symbol of the fashion industry in Britain, as the fashion week is held here every year.











Sometimes it is not only about the places we walk through , but it is about the people we choose to walk with.



Top – Zara

Belt – Mango

Skirt – Stradivarius

Military coat – Stradivarius (old)

Shoes – Pull & Bear

Necklace – Little Smith (TopShop)


Thanks for reading me today!


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