Feeling lost in Camden Town

Hi everyone!


I hope you are having a nice week so far.


Today’s post is quite special. To be honest with you, I have been giving it some thought and I kept the photographs for two months until I found the right time and place to share them with you.

As I have been traveling for the past few weeks, I encountered many lost souls –including myself– on my adventures journey. Beautiful people with a feeling of drift alongside, with no directions defined.



I believe, at some point, we all feel lost in life. And all of us, at some point feel desperate for a life guide book or a sign –anything, really– that shows us what is our next step in life.


I would like to start this post by saying it is okay to feel lost in life and it is okay not to have a plan. As Willem Dafoe said, “you have to lose yourself to find yourself”. And I find it very true! We all deserve pauses and embracing those pauses helps us find ourselves.


As a fashion devote myself, I must admit whenever I see an Alexander McQueen design I can’t help but thinking that sometimes lost souls and broken people are the ones capable of creating the most beautiful things. He knew it. He was aware sadness and darkness were beautiful. And so he created a stunningly beautiful and successful fashion empire by embracing his feelings.


My friend Eric took me these photographs a couple of months ago, when we decided to get lost together in London and play with his camera.








To me, Camden Town is the town of the lost souls and the dreamers, as happened with Amy Winehouse. It’s the town for music and arts and I personally feel it’s the perfect place to get lost, to find inspiration and to dream.




I love walking through the streets of this London district, strolling through its market, trying new food flavours, listening to new music and appreciating its street art. It gives me a boost of inspiration and I somehow enjoy feeling lost.







Where do you usually go to find yourselves and why? I would really like to know whereabouts do you go for a pause.





Outfit of the day

Knit dress – Topshop

Bomber jacket – Stradivarius

Boots – H&M

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  • 3rd December 2016

    Heyyy Fatima,

    randomly clicked on your blog in my bookmarks and yay- there is another blog post up! I must say that I think this is my favourite of your posts so far. What you write is so true and it’s great to hear your opinion. I often feel lost in so many ways (as you know, haha) so I can surely relate to what you are writing about. Also, huge compliment to your friend. I think the photos are gorgeous! So much more than “just” outfit photos.



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