6 reasons why should you live abroad at least once in your life

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This week’s post came with one day of delay as I have been travelling to Spain! And I couldn’t be more excited about being on my way back home, driving at ninety down those country lanes, like Ed Sheeran would say. Or probably not. No, I don’t think he would say this… but in my head, I like to imagine he sings everything he does in real life.

No, ladies -and gents, if any!-, I am not getting distracted from the main topic of today’s post. In fact, this post has been inspired by the song “Castle on the Hill”, created by the abovementioned ginger haired human being.


As I took my flight to Spain, I was listening to this song to which all of us, who have spent some time away from home, do relate to and can closely understand.

Being back to experiencing the smell and sound of the seaside, accompanied by the touch of the sand under my feet and, of course, the bright sun shining up for days. In a place where I am surrounded by my family and life time friends and where I have so many memories and where I feel sheltered and protected, why would I move out to London for two years now?


Today I would like to share with you 6 reasons I have collected explaining why you should live abroad at least once in your life and experience this tempting –yet highly scary- adventure:

  • You become a much stronger and more independent version of yourself.

At the beginning it might feel like a very scary survival game where everything goes suspiciously wrong. Very. Wrong. The moment you step in the airport of the city of your choice, the moment you feel you are going to take a –very- long blindfolded walk through a path you have no idea where it leads. On your own. You learn how to rescue yourself from all sorts of unknown, uncertain and weirdest kind of situations.  You realise you do not need a hero and you become your own rescuer! And it feels great! (And you buy yourself a mug that reads “You are the queen of awesomeness like I did!)

You become friends with the uncertain and the unexpected. And you might even realize it’s OK not to know what you’re doing or where you are in life. Embrace the uncertainty and have fun with it. As will accepting that things don’t always go according to your plan – you just have to make the best out of the situation and learn from it.




  • You will gain self-confidence.

This one is a consequence of reason number one. This would be the second stage after being lost and finding out how everything goes the opposite way it should go. You learn how to adapt to a new lifestyle and how the new society and culture of your choice works. Therefore, you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of achieving on your own on the process. You’re your confidence will skyrocket. You just wake up one day and you find out you have this awesome super power where you own your life, to a great extent. You will realise you are capable of achieving so much… And seeing what’s possible will make you more driven to succeed.

Let’s take myself as an example! I used to have an unstable (yet very cool) freelance job where sometimes I needed to work 5 days a week and add 2 more days on the weekends as a waitress, to make sure I could make it by the end of the month. Now I am a project manager in a multinational company, working in the middle of The City, in London. This was the type job I was aiming to get at that time, when I first arrived in London. It might not still be the furthest I can get and it might not be the best of jobs, as I am still planning my future ahead and figuring my life out (I sometimes think I never got over the “getting lost” phase..).


  • Comfort zone? I am sorry, what was that again?

One of my favourite scenes of the film Paper Towns, is that moment where Margo tells Q.: “Okay, you see this? This is your comfort zone. It’s this big, Quentin. All the things that you want in the world are way out there.”

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And what’s out there is really huge. Once you overcome the fear to the unknown and you actually start living the ups and downs, you start living life to the fullest and do are no longer –that- scared of experiencing new emotions and experiences. That’s what life should be about. An adventure. A roller coaster! And one of the best ways to defeat and overcome your fear of stepping out your comfort zone is by living abroad for a while.

Just close your eyes and don’t be scared. Do it. Whatever you aim for. Even if you fail, or fail a million times, you won’t have any regrets in life, or wasted time sitting around wondering ” What if…..? ”


  • It is CV enhacing.

This one is pretty obvious, not much to tell you. Especially if you move to a city like London where there are plenty of opportunities of growth!

By overcoming the challenges of living abroad, you gain an interesting set of skills including a wider approach to different cultures and to different working scopes of foreign companies as well as a potential improvement of your knowledge in foreign languages.

You will be taking new responsibilities (such as dealing with bureaucracy, accepting different working practices, and surviving without your usual support network of family and friends).

This will certainly make you more marketable to employers.


  • You will value experiences and memories more than materialistic objects.

Everything I have lived and experienced is priceless. The people I have come across, the times I had my heart broken, the new places I went to, the new live music I discovered and had the pleasure to enjoy, the fireworks of the 5th November, the tasty multicultural food I had the chance to try, the times I have cried because I felt I was stuck, the mesmerising Art, the numerous moments of happiness where I laughed so hard people around me could tell I was Spanish for sure, the breath-taking architecture, my first impressions, the crazy, my growing as a human being and as a professional. All of it is part of who I am.


  •  Trust me on this one, you will ALWAYS have interesting stories to tell when you are back home.

Call it getting arrested at the airport for a misunderstanding or finding that the entire Star Wars troop decided to take the same tube carriage than you.

If you are considering or planning on moving abroad, I hope this post has encouraged you a little bit! And if you are like me and you are already living the adventure, will you share with me more items to add to the list? I would really love to know!



 “My aunt used to live in Paris

I remember, she used to come home and tell us these stories about being abroad

And I remember she told us that she jumped into the river once, barefoot

She smiled

Leapt, without looking

And tumbled into the Seine

The water was freezing

She spent a month sneezing

But said she would do it again”

Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

La La Land

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  • 24th February 2017

    So nice post!! I really enjoyed reading it. I have been abroad, but not more that a month, and it felt just like you described it. I’m living in another city now, far from my family, and it feels more or less similar. But I would rather preffer living abroad, I think this experience can’t be compared to anything else. Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a nice day!

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