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Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve been well for the past few weeks.

Today I’d love to share with you quite a special story accompanied with one of my favourite travelling outfits in one of my favourite places.




Before I started Mind the Shoes, I decided that my blog would be true to who I really am. I did not want to pretend I am someone that I am actually not. I did not want to “act”, but to “be”. Mind the Shoes should be my real me.


When I first started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs, it happened to be quite hard for me to connect and relate with those that reflected perfect, fantastic and ideal lives. My life was and is way different from what those blogs reflect. I couldn’t help but wonder why is “imperfection” not treated as something beautiful worth to embrace? That just didn’t sound fair to me.


I am far from being perfect because I am me. I am clumsy, distracted, sometimes (too) naive and very imperfect. Which is not bad, you know why? Because perfection is BORING. In fact, I dare adding what’s imperfect has always caught my eye. I genuinely find imperfection rather attractive.


Sticking to my promise of being myself on my blog, I must confess this year started in a quite harsh manner for me. I went through a rather complicated life stage and I could not find the energy, strength and attitude to do the things I used to feel passionate about. This included seeing my friends, travelling, going out for a coffee, and even spending time creating Mind the Shoes.


Over the past few months, I’ve learnt when you find yourself in that type of situation you can either keep sinking or you can use the little energy you have left to improve your life and make the changes you feel you need to make yourself happier.


Our happiness and wellbeing is our own responsibility and choice. Just as Regina Spektor stated  “I am the hero of this story and I don’t need to be saved”.




When I need to make big life changing decisions I tend to either fly to Spain or Morocco for a few weeks to meditate and decide what my next steps in life are. And that’s what I did last time I came over to Spain. Taking a walk around the streets were I was raised and surrounding myself by beautiful people, helped me connect with my true self and reminded me of who I really am.









And as I walked down the streets, saw my childhood friends, spent time with my family and cat I knew what was what I really wanted for myself: be happy again in order to be able to make other people happy.






IMG_2789_4 IMG_2978_2

What is it that you do for yourself when you are going through a not so nice stage of your life?


Please, let me know in the comments or send me an email!



Oversized shirt – Zara

Office black trousers – Topshop

Crossbag – MANGO

Shoes – Vans

Bracelet – Pandora


Thanks for reading me.




Speacial thanks to my dear friends Vanesa Morante and Jeffreey Zelaya for helping me capture these days and for making me smile while I was trying to find my way out. <3

  • 18th June 2017

    You’re so right! Imperfections are what make people stand out and let’s be honest — things that don’t go well just make the BEST stories to tell. Love the look and I really like your facial expression on the photos, too. Cant’ wait to shoot more with you in just a few weeks!



  • 3rd December 2017

    Its good as your other posts : D, appreciate it for putting up.

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