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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

I found myself surrounded by many thrilling new beginnings in my life: I just started a new job that will allow me to have free weekends to spend more time with my baby (that is my little blog, Mind the Shoes), I happen to have met new wonderful people, I just acquired new pieces for my closet and I have set new -and quite ambitious- life goals for myself. It is in moments like this very one that I realise how exciting life can be.

Today’s look is inspired by my mum.


I last saw her a couple of weeks ago in order to celebrate my new life beginnings. While I was at her place in Spain, we went through my childhood photo albums and I couldn’t help but compare her style in the 90s with my own style. As a matter of fact, many things still persist in time. I was surprised to see how we dress up in a very similar way: we both love long skirts in summer, cut out shoulders and simplicity when it came to our shoe choices.





Adapting her style to the current trends in order to take this shoot for Mind the Shoes, was nothing but incredibly fun and fulfilling.










In a way, we were not only reviving the 90s fashion trends, but also our little traditions. I remember when I was about 4 years old and we would go straight to the book store in order to buy fashion magazines right after I finished school. We would pick our favourite dresses together and then she would recreate and sew that dress with the fabrics we’d choose together. At some point, my entire closet was literally all hand made by my mum and I.


And as we went through our memories together, it felt like a wonderful idea to share our outfit idea and a bit of our little tradition with you.

Outfit of the day

Skirt – Zara

Off shoulders shirt – MANGO

Black sandals – River Island

Many thanks for reading me!




Thanks once again to Jefreey for these wonderful photos and for helping me capture this outfit. Also, a big thank you to Daniel Sakal for your patience and your awesome help with the beautiful editing of the pictures.

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