Two different people, two different personalities

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing great and you are all having a nice week so far.

A few days ago, I was putting some order into my chaotic underwear drawer. My flatmate (also one of my dearest friends) came in and witnessed this moment where I was classifying everything with extra care and by colours. I remember her reaction being “I find it really funny that you have a lot of pink and white going on in here. I rarely wear pink. I really like that people who are so close and have so much in common have different preferences with these kind of small personal details”.

Today’s post is about friendship and about contrasting personalities. For that, I used the kind help of a very classy close friend of mine who popped by London for a few days. (No, not my flatmate).

Let me introduce you to Patricia.


Coffee, fashion and photography can bring people together. Especially coffee. As soon as Patricia landed in London, we knew that having a coffee together was among our must do together list.





I could certainly start listing items Patricia and I have in common yet our choice of outfits is known to be quite different.

I’ve always loved her style since we met in London. I love her ability to play with comfy, feminine and stylish. Everything she wears has her signature in it, as you will will see in upcoming blog posts.









Today she is wearing a very comfortable and beautiful boho dress that has this very feminine flounce starting under the waist. She is wearing it with a pair of polka dots Adidas and a carefully selected series of accessories.

Her look screams personality. It’s very unique yet trendy.


Patricia’s outfit

Dress – Pull & Bear

Polka trainers – Adidas

Necklace – Vanessa Mooney

Bracelets – Leadenhall Market, Astrid & Miyu

Rings – Oui Petit, Gaz Bijoux, Etsy


And now let me share with you my usual preferences for a coffee date.







I love mixing elegance, plain lines and simplicity.


Fatima’s outfit

Oversized blazer – River Island

White top – Zara

Crossed skirt – Zara

Shoes – Puma/ Pull & Bear


I’d like to close this post with a funny moment from this post’s making off. We had a nice crowd in central London and it’s unavoidable not to get to know other people in the process.




What defines your personality when you dress up? What do you think makes your clothes’ selection yours and no body else’s? Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Thanks for reading me.



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