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I have a confession to make today: I absolutely love LISTS. Some of them include: “things to do with my (future) boyfriend”, “things to do with a complete stranger”, “things to do when I move in my own flat”, “crazy things I want to do and try before I die”, “places I want to travel to”, “ideas to help make other people’s life better”, “birthday present ideas” and “things that make me happy”.

I wanted to concentrate on the latter: “things that make me happy”. One of the items from this list includes taking a relaxing bath, right after lighting vanilla candles around me. I like playing cheesy music in the background and go through the  month’s Vogue magazine issue to find inspiration. I like to think of it as “me quality time”. In addition, I absolutely love watching beautiful photographs. And fashion magazines have quite a few.

There was one special article I found on last month’s issue about polka dots and it absolutely inspired me to dress up to see a londoner friend in South Kensington for a brunch.

Agreeing with the author of this very Vogue article, polka dots were something I would also associate to my nan’s disdain for this trend. And since I am sort of Spanish, polka dots would also remind me of all of this passionate flamenco dancers.


I could see this pattern reflected in many collections such as Balenciaga’s, Loewe’s and even Jaquemus. Watching these photographs of haute couture polka dots patterned pieces made me see this pattern as rather romantic, femenine and even cinematic.



I guess polka dots, florals and stripes will always be a sure fire success, timelessly.


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Outfit of the day

Dress – Forever 21 (Old)

Shoes & bag – Pull & Bear

Necklaces & choker – Topshop

Bracelet – Pandora



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