London, city of dreamers

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a nice week so far!

I must warn you today’s post is utterly selfish and rather personal.

I’ve always LOVED hearing about these inspiring stories about different people who have overcome themselves, turning their lives completely upside down in London.


I could start naming Londoners whose career lives have somehow inspired me and influenced me deeply such as Alexander McQueen’s, who created a massively and yet incredibly beautiful fashion empire at age 23. Adele, who has become an international voice icon although she didn’t necessarily have a strong education or economic background. The list goes on and on with beautiful people such as J. K. Rowling, The Beatles, Louise Roe, Alexa Chung, Amy Winehouse…

I remember during one of my nights out in London, I once met someone who knew Ed Sheeran right after moving to London. He would tell me these stories about how Ed would sleep on a couch during his first months in the city, and how he’d make money out of playing in pubs and trying to sell his CDs around right after -his not really crowded- shows. A man and his guitar, with no money, just following his guts blindly.

Whenever I walk near this very piece of architecture known as the Palace of Westminster, I can’t help but think of the people who take part of the history of London: the rebels, singers, writers, poets, painters, architects, artists, and also the people like me, mere fools who dream.


If anything, moving to this city has brought me a joyful touch of energy, self confidence, inspiration and ambition to pursue my professional and personal goals.

And as I keep falling in love with this city, its architecture, people and streets, I will leave you with the outfit that best matches my dreamer mood before summer ends: a bright yellow asymmetric skirt that gracefully matches my yellow mules and floral scarf.

Since I wanted to drag all the attention of the outfit on the skirt, I decided to wear a plain white shirt.

Many thanks for reading me and for deciding to take part of Mind the Shoes’ fool dream.





Special thanks to my dreamer partner in crime, Marietta from the blog The Urban Slang, for helping me take these beautiful pictures and supporting me so closely.

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