Dans le noir – Dining in the dark

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I once met a stranger who was moving to Australia in just a few months. Since I can’t stop my imagination and impulsivity, the first reaction I had was building up a list of things I could do with a stranger in London to make the most of the city before my new stranger friend moved away.


Sadly, we never made it. But I kept the list, and being as stubborn as I am, I continued striking items out of it. This post corresponds to the episode of “dining in the dark”, which would be item number 3 of my list.



I was not planning on sharing restaurant reviews on the blog, but this whole experience was so unique and different I couldn’t just walk away and not write about it.




I was a bit nervous about the concept of dining in pitch darkness. I’ve wanted to experience how it feels like to lack of sense of vision and empathize with the blind culture for a moment. I was genuinely looking forward to that dinner for so many months.


As Mr. F and I walked into the restaurant with shared eager for new experiences, we were offered four secret menus. We were not allowed to know what we were having for dinner until our soiree was over, which made the whole dinner even more exciting.


Trevor, our waiter, is visually impaired, just as the rest of waiters in the restaurant. He guided us through the darkness in the friendliest and kindest of manners. We absolutely loved him as well as his ability to make us laugh and make us feel comfortable in the dark and the unknown.


It wasn’t until Mr. F asked Trevor “Do you know how many people are around us?” that I realised I had no idea how big was the place we were having dinner at, I had no idea how many people were around us and I had absolutely no idea how people sitting around me looked like.


I remember we engaged in a lovely conversation with two ladies sitting next to us, one of them named Stephanie who was celebrating her birthday that night and whose hand felt really warm. She was so lovely yet I’ll never know about her physical appearance.


I had to sharpen my sense of touch, smell and hearing in order to find my cutlery, feel Mr. F´s hands to learn where he was sitting and differenciate which glass contained what drink. Finding Trevor´s voice amongst the crowd became an essecial task.


Luckily, me sharpening all of my senses but vision made me appreciate my food even more. I could tell the ingredients apart.

As the menus are a surprise I cannot reveal the ingredients for you, but I can absolutely assure you Mr. F found a little surprise in his!


As every Wednesday, many thanks for reading me.



P. S.: I will be posting on Mind the Shoes on Sunday 10th September and I am really excited about it. I can’t wait to share more with you!

  • Alba MG
    7th September 2017

    I have to go ASAP! 😀

    Lots of love ^^

  • Trevor
    10th September 2017

    Thank you for your review. Glad you enjoyed it and very happy to look after you that evening

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