Happy one year

Hi everyone,


I hope you are having a nice week so far!


Many thanks for supporting me and for all the reads I had on the blog over the past few posts. It seems that we are growing here. How exciting is that?!


Those who follow my IG stories already know, but for those of you who don’t, this week Mind the Shoes is becoming 1 year old.



Blogging is one of the best things that’s happened to me so far this year and I feel really thankful and blessed for it.


Having a blog is probably much more work than it looks like from the outside. Over the past year I’ve learnt that being a blogger means being a creative director, a content creator, a project manager, a stylist, a fashion expert, a make-up artist, a photographer, a model, a video editor, a writer, and a responsible for public and social media relationships, amongst many others. It implies mastering digital marketing and organisational skills and having fun while boosting your creativity.


Being a blogger involved several lessons on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Digital Marketing, photography… It meant attending conferences, watching speeches and YouTube tutorials, and spending many evenings at Watersones buying and reading many many books. And still, although I cannot master all the disciplines in such little time, I am very much looking forward to learning a little bit more every day. I feel I am only at the very beginning of a very long trip. Just thinking about it makes me feel so excited!


What’s most important of this one year trip is what Mind the Shoes has brought into my life. I’ve made strong long lasting friendships and I created irreplaceable memories. I came across a lot of beautiful, interesting and ambitious people that have inspired me and supported me to be a better version of myself.


I connected with you guys, people from across the world, who share the same passion and/or have been in the same places as me and relate to one of my stories. Thanks to all of you who take a few minutes of your precious time to read through my stories and adventures in London.


Mind the Shoes is like a small space where I can be myself. I see it as my little room where I can hang all of these beautiful photographs that capture the memories of my life in London and my passion for the fashion industry. And sometimes you come for a visit while I wait on the other side in hopes I can make someone’s life a little bit better.




What’s most gratifying of all this is when people around me tell me “you should look at yourself every time you talk about your blog”. I found a passion that keeps me going, makes me happy and gives some sense to my crazy day to day life. And I can’t help falling in love with all of this a little bit more every day. I cannot imagine a life without passion.


To every single one of you: 365 genuine THANK YOUS.







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