Hello Canterbury!

Hi everyone!


I hope you are all having a nice week so far.

When I was still at university, living my -really- nerdy student life, I remember a friend from the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences told me “leisure is also a human need”. For some reason, those words stuck in my head ever since. I suppose, especially because I used to be under a lot of pressure to obtain a yearly scholarship. Sometimes, I forgot how did it feel to have fun and escape reality. Even now, sometimes I forget how important it is to take a pause.


I have recently recalled this advice during a photoshoot with Marietta, from The Urban Slang. It was then that quite spontaneously, we decided to go for a long weekend in Kent. And why Canterbury? We picked it randomly with the help of Google maps.


We had nothing planned and we barely knew the place. It was all quite an exciting -and very spontaneous- attempt to escape the city and spend a few days somewhere we knew nothing about just to relax.


Here are a few facts I’ve learnt about Canterbury:

  1. It’s full of puppies
  2. Orlando Bloom is from Canterbury
  3. It’s really calmed and people walk slowly -compared to London
  4. I saw a lot of tattooed people on the street -which kind of made me want to have one
  5. I didn’t remember how was it like to take a nap by the river with absolutely no concerns and worries in the world

So here I was, discovering the lovely streets, random facts, ruins, (incredibly delicious) local food, art and history of that little place we knew nothing about a week ago.




Sometimes we need to do crazy things. I truly believe we need to listen to those -not so- stupid ideas that pop by our brains, and act on them. If I hadn’t decided to act on the idea of spending the next weekend in a place I barely knew, I would have missed all of the above and I would probably have had just one more weekend in London, doing my usual weekend activities.


If you feel like doing something, go and do it. Don’t postpone it. Act on it. Just act and do anything you can to make yourself happy, even if it’s a small thing. (Please, note this advice does not apply to any illegal actions nor any action that could hurt someone else!).


I will leave you with one of the outfits I wore for this adventure.




Many thanks for reading me!


Outfit of the day

Denim jacket – Forever 21

T-Shirt – Levi’s

Skirt – Mango (old)




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