A day in the life of a starting fashion blogger

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week so far!


Today I will be sharing with you my blogging routine. I am not quite sure my friends, family, workmates and you, who are reading this, know what are the must tasks for every starter blogger to do every week in order to keep her/his blog going. Please, note I have been doing this for a year and I am not a senior expert. I keep learning every day and on the go and my routine is build based on my personal blogging experience.




I feel this could be quite useful for people who want to start a blog and are not quite sure of how to reschedule their lives; and bloggers whose agendas are pure chaos and want to reorganize their routines (or are simply looking for ideas to improve/vary their own).


If you are not a blogger and you are not interested in having a blog, you can still read this post to understand what’s behind our posts. I’d like to invite you to take today’s article as a behind the scenes sequence. So please, grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable.



As my/our agenda varies every week, depending on different factors, I have decided to group my tasks by type and time to be spent on each:


  1. SELF LEARNING – 3 hours/week

This will include:

  • Digital marketing, business management, branding, WordPress & website creation, photography and video editing self-trainings
  • Fashion research: This involves reading books, magazines, as well as consulting mobile apps, specialists, bloggers, designers, conferences and even museums
  • Learning about the competition and the big ones: observe how they work and what kind of content that you find valuable or not. In the end, they’ve been doing it for way longer than us


  1. CREATING CONTENT – to be determined (around 5-8 hours per post/week)

The time spent on creating my posts varies depending on the post.

When I intend to create video content, the time spent will be fairly more than the time spent on a written blog post.

  • Video posts: In order to create a decent video, I will need to think of the idea, write about it, create a script/guide for the video (always bearing my target audience in mind), style myself according to the content of the video, film it –this might take me several takes- and then edit it until the content is short, clear and entertaining enough to be shared with you.
  • Written posts: What I need to do for written posts involves the following tasks: selecting the outfit according to everything you’ve learnt on point 1 as well as my personality, preferences, and content of my post; scheduling a photoshoot; editing the photos and typing down my written content. (Sometimes the editing of the photos gets to be overwhelming and I need to outsource the task in order to focus on all the rest of the tasks).

My favourite part is obviously, creating content and playing with around with my creativity. I find it exciting and quite fascinating. In addition, I feel like this gives me and excuse to explore new coffee places in London in order to work on Mind the Shoes.







This corresponds to the time I spend promoting my content in social media: mainly Facebook and Instagram, in my case.


Experts say the time you spend creating your content is the time you should spend promoting it. I believe this is true and is probably the only way.


In addition, connecting and engaging with our readers/followers is as important as promoting our content. Spreading the word is not enough, we also need to connect with you (which is the main point of socializing and it’s what makes it all exciting, isn’t it?)



  1. EMAIL COMMS – 1 hours/week

I keep my email notifications active on my iPhone so that I can reply on a timely manner to the collaboration emails I receive. Even though I might not be interested, I still want to reply as soon as possible and reject the offer in a polite way.

Once a week, and for about an hour, I consider it’s good to send out collaboration emails to companies that appeal my attention and match my values and brand.

Should I be spending more time going through my emails and engaging with brands and other bloggers? Yes, definitely.


  1. SHEDULING – 30 minutes-1 hour/week

This is the only task I can actually assign to a specific day: Sundays!

Every Sunday I stand up in front of my schedule board, I erase everything I’ve written in it and I will write down my time distribution for all the above mentioned tasks.

In addition, and on the last Sunday of every month, I like to schedule my content/posts for the next month.


Most of us, who are new in this arena, tend to have a full time job on the side in order to be able to pay our personal and blog bills. Working full time takes a lot of time and energy and gives us limited time (and sleeping hours, in the case of a few weeks).

Nevertheless, I believe most of us do it because we feel passionate about it. I do not see blogging as an obligation but as something that completes me and keeps my world going. The more I learn about blogging the more time I want to spend on it and the harder I want to work on it.


In the end, as  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich mentioned,  “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”


Many thanks for reading me!

Please, let me know in the comments if you found this post useful and whether you liked it. I’d love to read your thoughts!







Outfit of the day

Trench coat – French connection

Turtle neck jumper – COS

Jeans – Pull&Bear

Bag – Radley

Shoes – Topshop (old)

  • 18th October 2017

    Love this structured plan that you have! It’s so clear and organised! I definitely need to plan my time more like this as I work full time with a blog and find there just isn’t enough time in the day! Thanks for sharing! Love, xo


  • Aymen
    19th October 2017

    Efforts ahan .. sounds like a plan or guideline for somebody only thinking to do it since long !!!

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