Autumn outfit of the day inspiration

Hello my beautiful people,


I hope you are having a nice week so far!


A lot has happened since Halloween: I just came back from a visit to Rome which I will be sharing with you next week (can’t wait!), I have a special guest visiting London for the next few days and I am working on a couple of small projects on the side for the blog. Sadly, my hands -and time- are a little bit tied up these days. I wish my days were longer or, at least, I wish my weekends lasted a bit longer (let’s say 3 days, is it a lot to ask?).


With my running up and down to strike every item of my daily to-do lists, and in order to save myself some time, I have created a small fall look book: a turquoise mole skin sketch book where I draw all of my outfit ideas and plan my closet per season for the blog.


I find a bit of magic in drawing and designing my ideas before making them real. Also, I like keeping a personal memento of something I wore and I really liked, as happened with today’s outfit.




Today’s outfit of the day also happens to be my favourite look of the month.



I just love this jacket. It screams personality and self-confidence. As a matter of fact, I suspect this jacket has super powers that make me look much stronger and capable of taking over the world.



Would you like me to share my drawings and style ideas around?


Please, let me know!


I wish you a very lovely week and please don’t be shy to stay in touch with me. I love reading your comments and messages. It genuinely makes my day.


Thanks for reading me.


Yours sincerely,



Outfit of the day

Jacket – Asos

Jeans – Gina tricot

Heels – Topshop (old)

Bag – Sassyclassy

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