A little pause

Hi everyone,

How are you? I hope you are having a nice week so far!

I have so much to share with you this month, especially after reorganizing my photo-shoots and spending an entire weekend taking photographs of Rome.


So far, November seems to be a happy month, full of inspiration. And if I’m being completely honest with you, it has been an exhausting month too. I have travelled, I have been studying quite a lot, I kept working at my full time job, I’ve been working on Mind the Shoes’ side projects and, of course, I had my sister visiting for a week.


I needed to take a little break this week, have a rest and enjoy some London alone time. (By the way, have you ever thought of going to the cinema on your complete own? I feel like dating the city, just like Carrie Bradshaw did in Sex and the City.)


Today’s about a very basic outfit I wore for a Sunday brunch in South Kensington, about two weeks ago.



My intention was to play around with basic pieces inspired by some of Miranda Kerr’s street outfits. That’s why I wore this Levi’s jeans with a T-shirt, basic sandals and a leather jacket. I believe these are four pieces every woman has –or should have- in her closet.






It’s something I’ve been wearing since a long time ago and I think I’ll never stop. I borrowed the T-shirt from my friend Marietta. What do you think? Hope you like it.



Lots of love,



Outfit of the day

Leather jacket – Mango

T-shirt – Asos

Jeans – Levi’s

Sandals – Zara (old)

Bag – Forever 21


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