Rome and its 7 wonders

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I think we all go through that moment in life when we close our eyes and we imagine how our lives would be if they were perfect and everything worked the way we wanted to.

I felt like that in Rome. All four days I’ve spent in that city were exactly how I imagined my perfect life would look like. As a matter of fact, I would define my trip to Rome as the perfect way to escape reality and surround myself with beautiful art.


Rome is pure magic. Every street  and every corner. My dinners at the terrace restaurants with the full moon and the street musicians keeping me company. The architecture, the way people smiled at me on the streets,Rome’s gelattos, the breathtaking paintings and the magic of its streets. I felt as if I was the main character of a fairy tale walking through those beautiful streets for the four days I’ve stayed in the city.

If you love art, you will fall in love with Rome as much as I did. Or even more.

I would like to walk you through my experience in Rome as we go through the must-visit spots of Rome:


  1. St. Peter’s basilica

I could watch the walls, floors, paintings and architecture structure -and details- for an entire day and it would still be not enough time to appreciate every single detail. I dare stating this is the most beautiful basilica I’ve ever been to and I will probably ever will be to.


(Here is me being a tourist in front of the basilica)




As I walked in I couldn’t help feeling incredibly surprised. It is much more beautiful in real life than in my History of European Art class books. The beautiful bit of the entrance is every single soul who walked in would react as surprised as I did.

You cannot visit Rome and not stop by St. Peter’s Basilica. Trust me when I say the queue is absolutely worth it.


  1. The Sistine Chapel


I kept watching and reading about Michelangelo during my teenage years. I was absolutely fascinated by his biography. But it wasn’t until I walked into the Sistine Chapel that I couldn’t stop asking myself how a single man could create and work on all of those perfect paintings on the ceiling of the chapel all by himself.





The Vatican City is pure insanity. All the art stored is just incredibly beautiful and breathtaking.

A very important person to me once told me “Love keeps the world going”. And I believe I didn’t fully understand what she meant until I walked into the Vatican. I was very moved by how love for religion has empowered humankind to create such beautiful art.

It absolutely inspired me and motivated me to embrace my passions and make the most of them.

And too keep myself warm and comfy -as the good tourist I was- I went with the below outfit:





  1. Trevi fountain

Again, as I walked in I couldn’t help feeling completely surprised. This is the type of place no matter how hard I try to describe, my description will never match how beautiful it was. The only shame was the place was too tiny and too crowded. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying my moment by the fountain while admiring the architecture and the perfect sculptures.


  1. The Pantheon

This is the perfect spot to grab a coffee or a gelatto while enjoying the views.

  1. The Spanish Steps

The stairs and the piazza itself was insanely beautiful. It was already a bit dark when I arrived here and unfortunately I didn’t manage to take advantage of the lighting for my photo.

This was the most heartbreaking moment of my trip. All haute-couture stores were around this area: Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Valentino, Burberry… I wanted it all. I believe I looked like a child in front of a candy store. Only a bit more dramatic.



  1. The Colosseum & the surrounding ruins

Best feeling in the world: having amazing Pasta while enjoying my views of the colosseum with no concerns in the world.



  1. Do get lost on the streets

Every street and every corner had something special. It’s worth getting lost without being worried about not finding yourself and not knowing where are you going exactly.




And here is my second outfit.






I feel incredibly grateful for being able to travel the world, explore new places and experience new emotions, flavours, and cultures.

My next trip will be New York in December. I will be away for nearly two weeks but I will try my best to stay in touch with you guys.


Thanks for reading me,


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