How do I find inspiration for my blog posts

In order to start this post I’d like to hold your hand and take you with me back in time, when I was a student at university. My major was translation and, as young little apprentices, my classmates and I had to translate quite a few scientific articles during our second and third year at university. It was at some point then, that I was reading some random science article that stated our best ideas come to us when our minds are relaxed. Call it in a pub surrounded by friends, during bath time, before falling asleep or even while practising a sport.


This was a life changing moment for me. Why? Because ever since that moment I always carry around a notebook everywhere, just in case. You can call me crazy notebook lady all you want, but I never ran out of ideas ever since.

It is true that we need a relaxed mind in order to be more perceptive to ideas. However, and particularly for me, I do also need a lot of visual stimulation when it comes to creating content for the fashion industry.


Today, as some of you have requested, I will be sharing with you my main sources of inspiration for Mind the Shoes. I hope this is useful to some of you.


1. Magazines



I know, a cliché for a fashion blog but also a highly useful source of information to stay up to date.


Magazines are an open window to colours, shapes, trends, culture, stories and humans. It’s my number one must have item during my weekly relaxing baths.


Now, if I am completely honest with you, I do also like to cut my favourite clothing pieces and paste them on my personalised handmade lookbooks. On a side note, you can now officially refer to me as the crazy notebook lady.


2. Crowded streets & tube stations


As stressful as this might sound, one of my favourite exercises to boost my imagination consists of trying to make up the stories behind strangers on the street. Something like this happens in my brain every time I walk around central London:


“Uh, who is that mysterious woman in that very sophisticated red coat? Her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders. Oh my, is she meeting her first love after so long? She probably owns a very classy business. She could be married… oh wait, I could write a blog post about my favourite outfits for a night date. In fact, I could actually create a YouToube video with a lookbook and I could classify my looks by ‘brave’, ‘sexy’ and ‘femenine’, as if it was some sort of a personal collection. In fact, I could film each look in the London location I’d like to go on a date with each outfit”.


This just came up now. I might actually do it… Should I?



3. Push yourself into new experiences


Call it food, a new Russian Spies inspired bar, a conference, trying a new sport, dressing up in a way you never have before, go to a music festival, talk to a stranger on the street, attend that Indian wedding you were invited to, travel alone, ride a horse, or any other new activity; within the legal frame, of course.


I once dined in a Dine in the Dark restaurant and a blog post came out of my experience. If you’re curious you can check it out here.


To me the most beautiful thing about blogging is sharing experiences. And the world is full of new things to try, experience and enjoy.


4. Ask Saint Google for holy help


You can also refer to Google Trends for trendy topics by using key words. It’s super simple to use and you can find tons of guides online.

Come up with a list of trending topics for your blog and decide which one you motivates you the most to start typing down and set your keyboard on fire. This could even help better position your website on Google.

If you do not know what to write about ask Saint Google. He knows.



5. Check on social media and other blogs


Please, know I am not saying go copy what your neighbour is doing and I would very much like to emphasize this. I am saying even big businesses keep an eye on what the competition is doing. This could potentially help you come up with your own ideas that better suit your brand and blog. It is no secret that following someone who is doing well in our field can inspire us to keep working hard and keep shaping our own ideas.


Watching lookbooks, styles and even landscapes on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as reading other blogs has helped me a lot to come up with my own ideas and content.


Make a list of the top 5 bloggers within your industry and make sure those top 5 follow a similar line than you. This will also help you push yourself to create better quality content and become stronger with your own brand.



This would be my main sources of ideas. Of course, the list could go on and on for many more pages but I wanted to keep it short. Please, do let me know if you’d like me to create a part 2 for this post. I hope today’s post was useful to some of you. If this helps you come up with new post ideas, please feel free to share you posts with me. I will be excited to read them.


Remember Ideas are everywhere we go, we just need to pay close attention to what surrounds us. I think this especially applies to fashion bloggers as fashion is a form of art, and art, my friends, is everywhere.


Thanks so much for reading me and remember following me on my social media.





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