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I would like to start today’s blog post quoting Aimee Song: “(…)  maybe age shouldn’t matter, we’re all on our own timelines. There shouldn’t be a certain age when you need to get married or have kids.” It is a fact women have been put through different age and cultural pressures.


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Although I was born and raised in Europe, I come from a Muslim background. And I must confess growing up in a European society with a strong Muslim background was not the easiest of pressures. Nevertheless, I am glad I did grow with one foot in each culture.


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A few years ago, if someone told me I’d move away to London, on my own and I would start building an ambitious career I would have thought that someone was kidding me. Growing up, I’ve always known my parents would have wanted me to marry a Moroccan Muslim man at a younger age than my current age.


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Regardless of the pressure and the confusion about who I was and what was the right thing to do, I decided to hear the voice inside me. I decided not be black or white, and embrace my own grey colour. And although I being a woman who lives on her own in a different country was hard to accept for my parents at first, my family fully supports my decisions after fighting several battles.

I would like to encourage all women reading my blog posts to follow their own inner voice and pursue their ambitions as well as to decide for their own path. Do what you feel is right inside you. Don’t think about social or cultural pressures.

We all have different experiences and backgrounds, but what we all have in common is that we are women that don’t let social rules and predetermined timelines define us. I had such a great time living the way I CHOSE to and I have been inspired by such strong female figures including my own mum.

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Many thanks for reading me.


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