Born and raised in Spain, with Moroccan background, little Fatima decided to grab a big pink suitcase and start over in a new place where she could have a fresh start after finishing her degree in Translation and Interpreting.

“Where should I go?” –she wondered with thirst for adventures.

After checking Europe’s map and obtaining a translation internship in a legal translation company in London, she decided to move to the United Kingdom. The Kingdom did not know what was about to come…!

Once that big suitcase and her got installed in the big city, the life of this little girl changed drastically in less than a year: she’s met amazing people on the way, she has been to many new places, she has tried so many new things, and experienced so many cultural shocks, she attended many many concerts of artists that she loved, she grew as a person and, most importantly, she fell in love –even more than she was­– with the fashion industry.


So, tell me, would you like me to walk you through my adventures?



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