Polka dots – Outfit of the day

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a nice week so far!

I have a confession to make today: I absolutely love LISTS. Some of them include: “things to do with my (future) boyfriend”, “things to do with a complete stranger”, “things to do when I move in my own flat”, “crazy things I want to do and try before I die”, “places I want to travel to”, “ideas to help make other people’s life better”, “birthday present ideas” and “things that make me happy”.

I wanted to concentrate on the latter: “things that make me happy”. One of the items from this list includes taking a relaxing bath, right after lighting vanilla candles around me. I like playing cheesy music in the background and go through the  month’s Vogue magazine issue to find inspiration. I like to think of it as “me quality time”. In addition, I absolutely love watching beautiful photographs. And fashion magazines have quite a few.

There was one special article I found on last month’s issue about polka dots and it absolutely inspired me to dress up to see a londoner friend in South Kensington for a brunch.

A day together in London

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week so far!

As every Wednesday, I am excited to be back with a new post for you.

Before we start, and as mentioned in my Instagram stories, I wanted to thank you for your kind support. I know there are a few of you genuinely reading my content. Also, thanks for noticing I am back and for those very few support messages. This really touched me and reminded me of the reason why I wanted to start a blog.

Today I wanted to take you with me through London’s streets. I’ve wanted to share with you the places I love to go to on my days off. In order to carry out this mission, my friend Patricia kindly agreed on documenting a day together in London during her stay.


If you haven’t met her yet, please, take a look at my previous blog post to know more about her!

Two different people, two different personalities

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing great and you are all having a nice week so far.

A few days ago, I was putting some order into my chaotic underwear drawer. My flatmate (also one of my dearest friends) came in and witnessed this moment where I was classifying everything with extra care and by colours. I remember her reaction being “I find it really funny that you have a lot of pink and white going on in here. I rarely wear pink. I really like that people who are so close and have so much in common have different preferences with these kind of small personal details”.

Today’s post is about friendship and about contrasting personalities. For that, I used the kind help of a very classy close friend of mine who popped by London for a few days. (No, not my flatmate).

Let me introduce you to Patricia.


Outfit ideas – timeless fashion

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

I found myself surrounded by many thrilling new beginnings in my life: I just started a new job that will allow me to have free weekends to spend more time with my baby (that is my little blog, Mind the Shoes), I happen to have met new wonderful people, I just acquired new pieces for my closet and I have set new -and quite ambitious- life goals for myself. It is in moments like this very one that I realise how exciting life can be.

Today’s look is inspired by my mum.


March Favourites

Hi everyone!


I hope you had a nice week so far.

I just came back from sunny Spain to sunny London. I am quite happy the weather has improved so much in England and it feels like spring is saying hello to all of us! (Perfect excuse to give a spring touch to my closet).

I have had quite a hectic week in London since I came back, so I had very limited time to work on this week’s video. I am sorry the quality is not the best, I tried using natural lighting but the sun kept coming in and out and I could not do much about it. Plus I had very (VERY) limited time…. So I genuinely hope in this case, it’s the thought that counts.

I was really excited to share my favourite products/items for March. This was indeed a really tough decision as there was much more I wanted to add to the video and I needed to cut off.



Outfit of the day – Palazzo trousers

How are you? I hope you are having a nice week so far!

While I am still enjoying my warm holidays away from what I now call home, I am working on my personal closet. A task that makes me –REALLY- excited. I genuinely feel like kid playing Legos.

When spring begins, I like to give a fresh update to my closet. I start looking for new inspiration and ideas to repopulate it. I love reading fashion blogs to find new ideas, explore every single Fashion Week catwalk from the Vogue Runaway app, read magazines and nose around my favourite online stores every now and then… I love to travel in order to get fresh and new inspiration from the way people from different cultures dress up and express themselves. Even art galleries and music can strongly influence my closet selection.

I start rebuilding and adapting my dressing up code and style according to my personal taste and to my humble fashion freshly new acquired knowledge.

I am sharing with you the outfit from my previous blog post hoping that you might find some inspiration when you feel like you want to add a small change to your closet or you simply are looking for new ideas to dress up!



6 reasons why should you live abroad at least once in your life

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week so far!


This week’s post came with one day of delay as I have been travelling to Spain! And I couldn’t be more excited about being on my way back home, driving at ninety down those country lanes, like Ed Sheeran would say. Or probably not. No, I don’t think he would say this… but in my head, I like to imagine he sings everything he does in real life.

No, ladies -and gents, if any!-, I am not getting distracted from the main topic of today’s post. In fact, this post has been inspired by the song “Castle on the Hill”, created by the abovementioned ginger haired human being.